Essential oil from the estate

On this page, you will find all the essential oils produced in France (Organic Ecocert) by the VENT-DES-AROMES distillery. The plants used come from our own production, from partner producers, as well as from wild harvesting.

Essential Oils from France Guaranteed.

Essential oils are among the precious liquid products used in aromatherapy, or more widely, in phytotherapy. The gentle extraction process by low-pressure steam distillation is the best way to keep the plants' active ingredients intact.

Each essential oil has a unique chemical composition, which is carefully checked after each distillation by a specialised laboratory.

Essential oils can be used by diffusion (a range of diffusers are available in our online shop), by skin (always mixed with a vegetable oil as they are pure irritants), and for some by internal use, and by inhalation.

Essential oils are very powerful. It is therefore necessary to seek the advice of a doctor or an aromatherapist before use, as some are not to be ingested or diffused. In addition, they should not be used for too long a period. Most of them are forbidden to children under 7 years old, to pregnant women, or to elderly people.

Our organic essential oils are certified Organic by ECOCERT.

Essential oil from the estate

Organic Nobel Lauren essential oil origin France

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