Hydrolats from the estate

Find here our hydrolats produced in France (Organic Ecocert) by the distillery VENT-DES-AROMES. The plants used come from our own production, from partner producers, as well as from wild harvesting.

Hydrolats of guaranteed French origin.

What is a hydrolat?

A hydrolat is a floral water, an aromatic water from a flower or a plant. The plants are distilled with steam to obtain an essential oil. During the distillation process, when the essential oil is formed, the steam is transformed into "water" loaded with the molecules of the distilled plant. It flows into the tank throughout the process, then comes the essential oil which settles naturally on top of the floral water, or hydrolat. The hydrolat therefore has the same therapeutic virtues as the essential oil, since it contains the same molecules, but less: they are therefore without contraindication.

Respectful of our planet, we asked ourselves about the containers for our hydrolats: we opted for PET bottles, which are less energy-consuming from an ecological point of view than glass bottles (transport and recycling).

They are all equipped with a spray pump, which makes their use more hygienic and practical.

Our hydrolats are 100% natural and made from organic plants, without any preservatives. It is therefore advisable to keep them in a cool place for better conservation.

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