Oily Macerate

Discover here our oily macerates made in France (Organic Ecocert) by the distillery VENT-DES-AROMES. The plants used come from our own production, from partner producers, as well as from wild harvesting.

Oily macerates from guaranteed French origin.

What is an oily macerate?

An oily macerate is an infusion of plants or parts of plants in a fine organic vegetable oil. The aim is to extract the liposoluble active principles of the plant. The preparation of our macerates is very meticulous. Every day for several weeks, the preparations are carefully turned over in order to extract the maximum amount of active principles from the infused plants.

They are packaged in recyclable plastic bottles, which are much less energy-consuming for our planet than a glass bottle.

Our macerates are 100% natural and made with organic Ecocert plants, without any preservatives, so it is advisable to keep them away from light for better conservation

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