Essential oil diffusers allow you to quickly enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. They quickly diffuse millions of molecules contained in the oils into the air of your room.

Among the different processes of essential oil diffusers that exist, we propose two types:

    Nebulisation diffusers: the best solution for enjoying the benefits of essential oils because no heat source is used to alter the product. These diffusers emit a slight noise due to the vibrations generated by the pump that sucks in the air. They are more expensive than mist diffusers as they use natural materials such as bamboo, wood and glass and more complex technology.

    Mist or ultrasonic diffusers: the most economical way to start on a small budget. The oils are added to water in small quantities. The mist containing the oils is diffused into the air. These diffusers are made of plastic and are very quiet. Due to the dilution of the essential oils in the water, the beneficial effects are not as pronounced as with a nebulizer.

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