Plage du Veillon

We are located near Les Sables d'Olonne, in a generous and preserved nature.

The Veillon beach is an exceptional site, located only 10 km from our estate.

This beach benefits from an exceptional natural setting which has earned it various labels such as Natura 2000.
An inlet runs up to the oyster port of La Guittière, around the Veillon dune, where sand dunes, pine forests and ocean spray intermingle.

Passionate about botany and green chemistry, we have created a pilot farm, in Organic Agriculture, where different varieties of plants are selected, then cultivated, before being harvested at the optimal flowering period.

The most powerful plant species are rigorously selected. The cycle of the plants is respected, without the use of chemical molecules.

Using gentle extraction techniques such as low-pressure steam distillation, the plants are transformed into high-performance essential oil and floral water complexes.

Every day since our company was founded, we have been striving to preserve the purity of our raw material, and to extract the best from this remarkable nature

VENT DES AROMES is a registered trademark belonging to the company Axene France.

We are members of the Comité Interprofessionnel des Huiles Essentielles Françaises (CIHEF)

Organic Agriculture (AB) certification company: Ecocert France

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