Inalia essential oil inhalers

Inalia essential oil inhalers

Vent des aromes
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This beechwood inhaler lets you diffuse your essential oil quickly and directly.

With just one breath, it delivers all the benefits of the essential oils placed on its cotton wick.

Perfectly airtight, it can be left at home or slipped into a bag so you can enjoy all its benefits in a single action wherever you are, between meetings, patients, trains...

Whether you want to breathe easier, relax or replenish your energy, its direct, powerful diffusion means you can rely on it for everything you need.


    Eco-responsible elegance : The Inalia Beechwood Inhaler offers a simple, elegant and environmentally-friendly design.

    Durable & Effective : Designed for longevity, this inhaler ensures powerful, direct diffusion of essential oils.

    Compact & Portable : Its compact design makes it the perfect companion for the office, travel or at home.

    Quality assurance : Unlike plastic alternatives, the beechwood material ensures that the quality of the essential oils is preserved, providing an optimal wellness  experience.

    Direct & Powerful Diffusion : Experience all the benefits of essential oils released directly close to your nose.

    Hermetic Excellence : Essential oils are protected from evaporation, ensuring every last drop of pleasure.

    Easy to use : With just one breath, you're immersed in the world of aromatherapy.

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