Organic Myrrh essential oil
Organic Myrrh essential oil
Organic Myrrh essential oil
Organic Myrrh essential oil
Organic Myrrh essential oil
Organic Myrrh essential oil

Organic Myrrh essential oil

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Myrrh essential oil is derived from the distillation of the gum resin, which is extracted from the myrrh shrub. It grows on the Somali plateaus and around the Black Sea. Known since antiquity, this oil is inseparable from incense, both of which are widely used in religious rites. Intense, heady and woody, myrrh is a classic in perfumery.

Essential Oil 100% pure and natural, EOBBD (Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined).


ECOCERTLabel Agriculture Biologique


General information

    Name : Myrrh
    Botanical name : Commiphora myrrha
    Origin : Somalia
    Production method: steam distillation
    Distilled part of the plant: resin
    Appearance: Slightly viscous liquid
    Colour: Amber yellow to greenish brown
    Odor: Sweet, woody and aromatic


    Main biochemical constituents: Curzerene 45,46%, Furano-1,3 d eudesma 23,08%, Lindestrene 7,42%.
    Allergens: none.
    The composition of essential oils varies from one production to another, as the conditions in which the plant grows are never identical from one year to the next. The composition of the oil in your bottle is therefore unique.

Advice for use

    Uses: for skin application (always diluted in a vegetable oil, maximum 20%), for diffusion, this oil cannot be ingested.
    Storage: store away from light, heat and air.

Precautions for use

    Do not use on infants and children under 6 years of age. Not to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or by people suffering from hypothyroidism.


    Commitment: all our imported oils are rigorously selected for their quality and origin.

Product Details

AB - Agriculture Biologique, Eco Cert
Type de culture
Agriculture biologique

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